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Susana Barros

Susana Barros graduated in Social Education and is practicing yoga since 2010, on a constant journey through self-knowledge and awakening of her life.

She had the desire to share the benefits she found in yoga practice and thus completed in 2014 her Integral Yoga teacher training with the Integral Yoga Association of Portugal.

She rediscovered the wonderful sensations that dance brought her as a child, by participating 2015 in the Intensive Yoga Dance course given by Fernanda Cunha at the Yoga Mountain Encantada Center in Brazil.

Back in Portugal, she took in May 2016 the intensive course Secret Elements Qi Gong, a method that unites the deep roots of Taoist Arts with Kinesiology.

In the New Era Academy she leads weekly classes of Integral Yoga and Yoga Dance, and she is a member of the organization of global events such as Yoga for the Planet of the WWF, the Global Wellness Day Movement and the International Day of Yoga.

She feels inspired by “Your body is precious, it is the vehicle for your awakening. Treat it with care.” Siddhartha Gautama

This post is also available in: Português