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Emilie Mangoni

Originally from Nice, France, Emilie fell in love with Madeira in 2000. Her biggest adventure started when she was pregnant, when she awakened to a more conscious, healthier and holistic way of life. In 2016, she left the “business world” and started to teach Yoga full time offering yoga classes, yoga retreats and meditative concerts to people of all ages, and on the most beautiful locations of the island of Madeira. Her mission is to share Yoga with everybody, in all stages of life, and in essence to integrate yoga in everybody’s lives. 

As a singer, she realized that singing and yoga techniques had similarities and could complement each other. Indeed, both voice and music are powerful tools for well-being and healing. That’s why she added them to her Yoga classes. Movement, voice, sound and vibration increase the positive effects of Yoga on people.

With Resonance Yoga, you will use your voice while doing Asana (Yoga postures). You will be singing Mantras, intuitive sounds and vowels, depending on the intention of the Asana. Sound and movement are combined to get a deeper connection with the body, to allow to let go what is not needed anymore and to feel a sensation of release.

The sound of the voice and instruments brings us to a higher consciousness, allowing better relaxation, making vibrate the liquids and cells of our body and inviting to a wonderful musical journey.

This post is also available in: Português