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Vinyasa Flow with Cristiano Pestana during the Yoga Festival Madeira 20 – 23 June 2019. He is teaching all year round in his studio Asthanga & Vinyasa Flow Funchal, Madeira.

Cristiano started Yoga in 2009, explored Iyengar Yoga, Gustavo Ponce’s Sattva Yoga, started Ashtanga in 2012 and has been teaching from 2015 on.

Certified teacher by Manu Yoga School in Lisbon, on the Precision and Flow (Hatha and Vinyasa) approach to Yoga, he also attended modules in meditation with Andrea Boni and is presently broadening his knowledge in Yogatherapy, not only from the physical recovery point of view (where he developed synergies with physiotherapy clinics in sports recovery for high performance athletes and specific injuries), but also from the Ayurvedic Medicine connection to Yoga.

Since the beginning of 2018 he has been developing Yoga for Seniors and retired people, seeking the bridges between physical activity and wellness in a general way.

This post is also available in: Português Français

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