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Mudras: Training and Certification

Valvanera Berenguer, director of the International School of Yoga & Dance & Aerial Pilates –
“Air Yoga”, has as Master level for several Yoga styles as well as Mudras (read her resume here). We are happy to welcome her at the Yoga Festival Madeira in Porto da Cruz!

Over 3 days from 21 to 23 June 2019, 13 hours in total, you learn everything about Mudras, from their history, over their philosophy, meaning and effects, through to practice and how to teach them.

The classes will be held in Spanish language.

Mudras are supports, gestures, primordial and archetypal positions, loaded with symbolic and emotional content. They are external manifestations of internal impulses, common for the human being from the origin.

The Mudras have a therapeutic and spiritual quality. Through these gestures we guide the flow of energy to the brain. Our hands are an extension of our brain. The fingers are joined together in very different ways, different pressures in beautiful dance that works the balance of electromagnetic and subtle fields.

In this 13h practical training you will feel and live this experience and be able to teach it to other people.

This post is also available in: Português Français

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