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Festival Yoga Madeira

18 – 21 June, 2020

Porto da Cruz, Madeira Portugal

Yoga for Everyone!


Yoga para Todos!


Yoga pour Tous!


Festival Yoga Madeira

18 -21 June, 2020

Porto da Cruz, Madeira, Portugal

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About madeira…

Madeira, the island of flowers, the lost paradise, the island of a thousand waterfalls, the descriptions are not lacking for this island located in the middle of the Atlantic, on the meridian with Casablanca at a distance of about 600 km. The subtropical climate, the volcanic origins of the island and the millions of years of transformation by nature make it an ideal place for hiking, meditation and contemplation.

… And Yoga

Dozens of devoted yoga teachers are living on the island, many yoga schools of different styles opened their doors in the last few years. The aim of Yoga Madeira is to make these venues visible and to render their access easier for Madeiran residents, expats and travelers as well

Yoga Festival Madeira

The Yoga Festival on Madeira is an international gathering with a yoga program for beginners, advanced practitioners as well as kids in a stunning natural setting. 

In addition to a balance of different yoga methods, you can discover the beautiful island of Madeira through music, hiking, canyoning, paragliding and much more.

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Upcoming Events

Madeira has many things to do from hiking, surfing, and of course yoga. There are dozens of yoga teachers located on the island of Madeira with events year round.

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This post is also available in: Português Français